[dc]T[/dc]he following vision was given to the daughter of Mrs. A. C. Vailes, San Francisco, California, on October 12, 1923.

This girl was attending Bible School at the place, which seemed just like some of our courtrooms.

On the bench was Jesus whose face was stern – not a smile, nor a frown, but like our judges here on earth.

On his right hand side was a flight of stairs of the very whitest marble, and at the foot of the stairway was a white angel.

On his left was a very narrow and dark stairway that led to the earth below and a black angel with white wings stood there.

I stood and looked and all the girls if the Bible School filed in one by one. When Jesus saw us, there was neither a smile nor a move on his face.

He motioned us to His right hand and we stood there in a semi-circle and waited.

After a short while, through the middle aisle, came twenty-one girls all powdered and painted with bobbed hair, very short skirts and transparent stockings. They all stood around the judge’s seat.

Jesus looked and said: “With your powder and paint and exposure of you flesh, you have dragged men to hell! “Go to meet them”.

He motioned to the black angel to take care of them.

One by one they went down the narrow stairway. Jesus told me to go and see what awaited them.

I followed the black angel as he walked behind the last girl. As they went down the black stairs, the stones burned as live coals.

O, how the girls screamed and yelled, but they could not escape, for a black wall was on each side. Down, down they went.

It seemed we were going to the very centre of the earth. I did not feel the heat in any manner whatsoever.

I was right behind the angel and when he and I stepped on the stairs, they were black as before and did not burn.

Finally, we came to an opening in the wall where were a large, high fireplace and an angel standing on each side.

As the girls filed in, they stood in a semi-circle around the fireplace and both angels started to see to the girls.

They took burning cinders and put on their faces for powder and live coals on their cheeks for paint.

O! How the girls shrieked, but were absolutely helpless and could make no resistance. One by one they had to undergo this process.

After they were through there and on their way out, they stopped on a kind of stool, while through another process their legs were frozen.

We started again on the winding stairway that seemed to lead us to the very centre of the earth. On and on we went, until we came to the lake of fire, where we stood.

Something like a narrow water pipe or iron bar went right across the lake of fire.

The black angel took the girls to walk on the pipe. With the least movement or turn they would have fallen in the fire, but none of them fell down.

The twenty-one girls stood there while underneath could be seen the heads of men floating on the liquid fires.

The angel looked at the girls and said, “You have craved the admiration of those men; you shall have it for eternity”, then turning to me, said, “Let us go back”. We came to the judgment hall.

There were Jesus and the schoolgirls just as we had left them. Jesus said to me, “Now daughter, will you continue to use your powder and cream?” I answered, “No, Lord; never, never! The turning to the girls, he said,“Learn the lesson”.

The girls went out and I was left alone in the judgment hall with Jesus, and both angels.

Very soon, through the middle aisle, came twenty-one preachers, all with their Bibles in their hands and looking in every direction, with great boldness, as if they came to claim a reward.

I looked and the first was a Brother C—, who was the only one who did not carry a Bible, but his head was bowed and he was praying every moment as he approached the Judge.

When Jesus saw him, His face turned into the tenderest smile, as He said, “Welcome home, ye weary pilgrim”.

He motioned the white angel at His right, and from the stairs came two shinning angels, one with a crown, and the other with a white robe. However, I was not allowed to see what followed.

The twenty other preachers stood around and awaited their sentence. Jesus looked at every one of them, and said, “Go where your congregations are awaiting you”.

He motioned the black angel at his left and the preachers went down the narrow stairway dark and winding.

The same thing happened as when the girls passed; the black stones turned into live coals.

Down, down we went. It seemed we were going to the very centre of the earth.

Finally, doors were opened on the right side, and each minister entered his church or congregation.

The angel took me in with the first minister. It was just like a little church; only the walls were as of red-hot iron.

The people were there in the pews. When the preacher came in, all in one voice said, “We have been awaiting for you; what are you going to preach now?”

The minister gave one large yell, and said, “Hell is real!” He called the congregation to order and said, “Let us sing a song”.

They opened their books and started to sing, but instead of their voices, sharp tongues of fire came out of their mouths.

I was horrified and hid behind the angel, crying “take me away; I can’t stand this any longer!

He took me back to Jesus and I begged Him to let me go; that I could not endure any of these scenes, but He told me to wait, that there was something else I had to see.

We waited a short time in the judgement hall. Soon came, in great confusion, all talking at once and each trying to get ahead of the other, twenty-one mothers.

Some were expensively dressed and nearly all wore jewels.

“ Where are your daughters?” “Where is my daughter?” What have you done with my child?” All were very much excited and their eyes wide opened.

Jesus looked at them with His stern immovable face, motioning the black angel, told the women, “Go to where you have sent your daughters”.

The black angel motioned them to go down the same narrow, black stairway, which they did, one by one, but this time the black stones did not turn to live coals as before.

I followed just behind the angel, while down, down we went again.

At last a door opened and we came into a large square hall. It was beautifully lighted ballroom and there were sixty to eighty girls, ranging from seven to twelve years of age, all performing the up-to-date dances.

When I could see clearly what was going on, I was horrified and shook from head to foot.

The little girls were all naked and a huge snake was coiled around their bodies. I begged the angel to take me out.

Just then he pointed to the front of the room where all the girls were facing.

There, on a kind of platform, stood a dragon or monster snake, the tail of which spread several feet on the floor.

The rest of the body was coiled up like a figure eight. Right in the middle of this figure eight was its immense head.

It was more than I could stand. I cried, begging the angel to take me out, which he did.

We returned to the judgement hall and I asked Jesus to let me come back; that I couldn’t stand any more of these scenes.

He said, “Go and tell my people about it”.