Living Wisdom


Jesus Christ is the Wisdom and Power of God (1 Corinthians 1). Folks, Wisdom is alive not dead.

God is a God of the Living and not a God of the dead. Take note.

The ways and thoughts of God are different than that of man.

Man must not assume that even when he thinks that God is using him, whatever is coming from him is from God.

God is Holy. Only in obeying the Word of God can any man confidently serve God in the knowledge that God is Leading that man.

As the scriptures say as many as are led by the Spirit of God, such are the sons of God.

For example:

  1. In Judgment, Solomon adjudged that the woman whose child died acted dispassionately weirdly in presenting her case, especially when Solomon gave a test judgment that the living child be cut into two to be shared equally between both women (1 Kings 3).

Also, in Luke 18, a woman who needed judgment from a Judge would not let go but persevered to a point where that Judge, who declared that he neither feared God nor men, adjudged her case favorably so she would not wear him out.

  1. In a Monarchy, Solomon asked for wisdom to rule over Israel after dedicating the Temple (1 Kings 3).
  2. In Business, the shrewd manager (Luke 16) was commended for his action in securing some of his master’s resources from debtors, even in offering deals to such debtors; i.e. reducing their debts to encourage them to pay up.

The story of our Lord Jesus Christ vis-a-vis Talents show that the man with one talent who hid it in the ground suffered loss whilst the man with ten talents gained the latter’s even though he had the highest dividends from investing what he had been given originally by the master.

  1. In Marriage, Abigail (1 Samuel 25) knew her husband, Nabal, was a wicked man and did not fear God. She knew him to be an unkind, ungrateful man. She moved very quickly on David in order to avert imminent destruction when David was humiliated by her husband, despite the kindness meted out to that man by David and his soldiers in voluntarily keeping his property safe. Please note that there was no contract drawn, nor signed on this matter.

Michal (2 Samuel 6) became the only woman in the Bible condemned to not have a child after foolishly vexing that he husband dared to take his outer garments off and dance in front of and with servant girls, even though he was only celebrating God’s Grace to him and his family and his peoples.

Also, regarding marriage, even if in a much more profound sense, Jesus Christ was asked spuriously whose wife a woman would be at the Resurrection of the dead, when she has been married to five brothers in succession after the death of one after the other. The answer Jesus Christ gave is simply profound. She will be no one’s wife because there will be no marriages then. We would be as the angels of God.

  1. In Suffering – study the book of Job especially towards the end (Chapters 32 to the end). Self justification leads to error and more suffering. Trusting in words from friends may lead to worsening the situation too. Seek for God’s Wisdom only. Trust only in God. Remember that wisdom is not about age; nor is it about advanced years (i.e. not necessarily about experience either). Elihu was a young man; God spoke through him in Job’s situation, where his friends did not meet his needs, he heard from God through Elihu. Study his word in Chapter 32 in particular. As the Bible makes clear even that a man’s enemies are the very members of his own household (Micah 7).
  2. In Government – After hearing these examples, perhaps you will be able to make sense of the next one regarding a former military administrator in the former Ondo State, before the creation of Ekiti State from the same Ondo State in Nigeria. He was then known as Colonel Usman. He had a major labour strike on his hand in a non-civilian Federal Government of Nigeria.

Colonel Usman called a press conference and invited all the labour leaders. In fact he had an outside broadcasting van posted right outside the venue of the meeting. At a stage at the meeting he was accused of â€chopping money€ just as he had been continuously accused. He asked them to stop for a moment an listen to what he had to say. He spoke and included a rather interesting and very dangerously controversial statement. He said, you say I chop money, I chop money, even if I â€chop money, e no pass 1 million Naira   no fit reach self.

You can imagine that all hearts will stop for a moment. For someone who by law must never even chop government money to make such a statement was like signing his own warrant to relieve him of his post and go to jail straight. But I tell you something; at the end of that administration when practically a such State Military Administrators were probed, Colonel Usman was not probed. Why? There was not one petition against him. Not one.

  1. In Disputes “ settle matters quickly with your adversary (Matthew 5). “Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.
  2. Injustice “ We can argue the injustice in practically all of these cases. But what does God have to say in His Word on injustice?

Jesus Christ said in the New Testament that we should not be surprised that there is injustice in the lands. The reason given was that the officer of the law dealing with one case is being watched over by another officer above him; and that one by another one even higher up etc. Well then, does not God Know what we face in every situation in life that we find ourselves.

Does not even the Bible say in the book of Ecclesiastes, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; nor does food come to the wise, nor wealth to the brilliant, nor favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

Embrace Wisdom (Proverbs 1-8)

What do these mean for you and I? We must embrace wisdom in all circumstances remember that regardless of what we are going through we must never lose confidence in knowing that God is patiently waiting for us to repent and come to him with all our imperfections. Even so, we must strive for perfection and holiness and not willfully engage in sin. Paul the Apostle made clear in one of his letters that you cannot say because God forgives sin continue to live in sin. Then you make a nonsense of God’s Grace.

Wordly wisdom is meaningless without total submission to God’s Wisdom in the long run. Humans live in sin and tune in to Godly wisdom whenever it suits them. This will not see anyone to the Kingdom of Heaven. Only Jesus Christ can save. Jesus Christ is the Lord God Almighty. Even the doubting Thomas found this out and declared upon Spiritually Discernible evidence: my Lord and my God.

The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom. As you increase in obedience to God’s Wisdom, you will passionately increase in wanting to know and understand His Word. This will bear little or no fruit unless you put your learning to practice. Look not unto circumstances, lest you fail in the application of Living Wisdom for your daily living.

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